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The Enduring Beauty of Brick and

the Majesty of Brick Sculpture



Carlos Wayne Frick, P.E.--

Mudcakes to Skyscrapers
provides the reader with unique insights into the impact of brick on civilization, how brick were made in the beginning and how they are made today, the contributions made by the brick industry to the economy of the United States, and steps that must be taken to insure the future success of the brick industry. Readers of the book that know J. Reid Wrenn personally will instantly recognize that "Mr. Brick" (the pre-historic "inventor" of brick described in Chapter I) and Mr. Wrenn are kindred souls from different eras. --Carlos Wayne Frick, P.E.

About Mr. Frick--

Carlos Wayne Frick is a Professional Engineer in Columbia, South Carolina. He is a nationally recognized expert on processes for manufacturing brick. The author, J. Reid Wrenn, gratefully acknowledges the diligence, patience and skill with which Mr. Frick provided engineering insights to him about brickmaking in the author's former capacity as CEO of Lawrenceville Brick, Inc. and as author of this book.


Leon Williams, --

In Brickmaking-- 
Mudcakes to Skyscrapers
, the author, J. Reid Wrenn, reveals his genuine affection for both the brick industry and the time he was privileged to participate in it as he covers where it has come from, how it is done today, and where he envisions it needing to go in the future. Brick making has a rich history of providing a product that endures through time and has given us structures that are appealing to the eye with minimal maintenance.

In this time of increased environmental concern, there is no better building product to use than brick. Brick provides an extremely long life cycle product for construction from an industry that has a minimal effect on the environment. I am indebted to Mr. Wrenn for his allowing me to share in his "adventure" for many years by our association at Lawrenceville Brick, Inc. --Leon Williams

About Mr. Williams--

Leon Williams holds a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from N.C. State. He has worked in the brick industry since 1974 and is currently Senior Vice President of Production at Lawrenceville Brick, Inc. in Lawrenceville, Virginia.


This book is about more than merely the history of brickmaking and the quantum leaps in productivity in the last 60 years.  It's also about what the industry needs to do in the future to enable the masonry and bricklaying trade to do likewise in order for brick to continue playing the vital role for mankind that it has played since the "invention" of brick thousands of years ago.  The author offers concrete suggestions for the brickmaking industry to provide help, inspiration and resources to enable the masonry/bricklaying trade to make giant strides in productivity that are essential for contniued success of the entire brick industry.

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Mudcakes to Skyscrapers

Brickmaking From the Dawn of Civilization to the Modern Era

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   Chapter 8:  Brick Sculpture in Modern Architecture 

Stations of the Cross interior brick-wall sculptures  

St. Thomas The Apostle Church*

6097 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10309

*Note:  St. Thomas the Apostle is one of two churches in a two-church parish for which the website address is 

  Sculptor:  Donna Dobberfuhl  

  Brick Manufacturer:  Lawrenceville Brick, Inc.  


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Lawrenceville Brick, Inc.

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About the Author, J. Reid Wrenn 

Insights and experience from decades of leading one of America's outstanding brick manufacturers, Lawrenceville Brick, Inc., inspired Reid Wrenn  to write this book to help people understand the vital role brick has played in the evolution of human civilization.  Fusing imagination with research, history and a working knowledge of brickmaking, he authoritatively traces the evolution of brickmaking from the "mudcakes" handiwork of an imaginary "Mr. Brick" as the "inventor" of brick at the dawn of civilization to the "skyscraping" present in an enjoyable, easily readable manner.  


He enables the reader to understand the incredible durability of brick throughout the ages despite the fact that brickmaking changed very little for many thousands of years until the industrial revolution wrought dramatic improvements and set the stage for phenomenal advances in the 20th and 21st Centuries.  


He also includes a chapter on an artistic aspect of modern brickmaking techniques for interior or exterior brick walls featuring three-dimensional sculptures in brick.  He includes in the photographic section of the book several beautiful color pictures of such brick sculptures.  


After tracing the history of brickmaking into the modern era, he focuses on the kinds of steps needed now to bring the productivity and efficiency of bricklaying into parity with brickmaking in order to make the future of brick even brighter than in the past.


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Perfect-bound with high-gloss, laminated soft cover.

178 pages including photographic section -- 2 black & white pictures and 17 color pictures.


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  Sculptor Donna Dobberfuhl Creating a Masterpiece  

From Pre-Industrial-Age "Horsepower"

To Modern Robotics

Mudcakes to Skyscrapers
Book & Author, J. Reid Wrenn

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